Digital services and marketing can now be bought from dozens of operators, and anyone with technical skills can set up a “digital agency”.

We founded Atelier Digital in 2018 to become a boutique agency. Giving peace of mind to those buying websites, marketing, or other digital services. We are highly ambitious and experienced digital communications professionals, hard-working in the name of great service and creating impact for you. We help clients like you succeed by not just being a ‘digital agency’.

Be impactful. What you say matters.


Pirkka Kärenlampi

Pirkka Kärenlampi

Data Facilitator

Pirkka connects the dots with data. Little data to bring big user experience, and big data to give revelations about your business and customers at large.

In his free time, he makes analogue music with digital tools.

Hash Varsani

Hash Varsani

Digital Evangelist

Hash has been nourishing clients on the internet for 30 years. He thrives on weaving the web through design and crafted content. A photographer and typographic fiend, he adds visual awareness and clarity to any brand.

He can cook any cuisine and if he had a cat, it would be grey, called Miles, after the best jazz musician that ever lived.

Hanna Hägglund

Hanna Hägglund

Content Strategist

There is magic in words. Hanna makes content straightforward, clear and beautifully intricate, always answering the clients’ needs in Finnish and English.

In her spare time, Hanna is a horse rider, rock drummer as well as an avid balcony gardener.

Eerika Karppinen - Stylist / Chef

Eerika Karppinen

Food Styling & Social Media

She is all about food and marketing. Her background as a chef has led to a successful career in restaurant marketing and food styling. Eerika is fluent in social media and her talent is making everything look tasty and appealing in food and media.

This citizen of the world loves to spend her spare time in restaurants with a glass of vermouth in her hand, preferably in Barcelona. 

Tan Lay

Tan Lay

Video and Podcast Production

Born in Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar), Tan grew up in Manchester, England. Now based in Helsinki, he designs and produces video campaigns. He also runs a podcast, Marketing Helsinki, where he speaks with professionals discussing personal and business philosophy.

Tan loves talking about human behavioural psychology, content marketing, business communication and basketball.

Linda Söderholm

Linda Söderholm


Linda will bring any brand to life with her deep understanding of visual communication. She’s an illustrator and typography fanatic.

When she is not hand-lettering or sign painting this hip-hop head is probably dancing or collecting records – if you get lucky you might even hear her DJing!

Amplify your message using people with vast headspace in design, immersive content, user-based design thinking, socially-driven marketing and intelligence powered by data.